BURLINGTON, Vt., Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — One week into the new year, Ben & Jerry’s has released two euphorically indulgent Pint Slices flavors that will tempt even the most resolute. AmazeMint features cool mint cookie balls covered in dark chocolate, and cookie crumbs. Candy Bar Pie was resurrected from the Flavor Graveyard and has the sweet-savory mix of fudge flakes, peanut butter, and salty pretzels.

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Pint Slices have all of Ben & Jerry’s famous chunks and swirls, but they’re dipped in a dark chocolatey coating and individually wrapped. Instant portion control! They’re also incredibly easy to eat on-the-go. No spoon? No problem. They were made with convenience in mind.

«It took us years to perfect how to squeeze in all the chunks and swirls our fans have come to expect from us,» said Dena Wimette, the Ben & Jerry’s Global Innovation Manager who helped develop the idea. «Using top secret technology, we finally got it. Of course, with all those chunky ingredients, there was no room for a stick,» Wimette said. «It just didn’t fit.»

As part of the introduction of two new Pint Slices flavors, Ben & Jerry’s sent a sneak peek to a select group of super fans. «It’s my favorite-est day!» exclaimed Hannah Arrington of Alexandria, VA when she opened her stash of Candy Bar Pie Pint Slices.

AmazeMint is a mint ice cream bar with chocolatey covered mint cookie balls, covered in a dark chocolatey coating, with cookie crumbs. Candy Bar Pie is a peanut butter ice cream bar with fudge flakes and a salty pretzel fusion, covered in a dark chocolatey coating. Now there’s a total of nine delightful flavors that can be enjoyed sans spoon.

Both of the new Pint Slices flavors are available nationwide in 3-count boxes. They can be found in the novelty section of the ice cream aisle, alongside Cherry Garcia, Coffee,Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz, The Tonight Dough, Americone Dream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup Pint Slices (MSRP $4.29$5.29). The Tonight Dough and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pint Slices are also sold individually (MSRP $2.99) and are available in stores and Scoop Shops nationwide.

To learn more or to find Pint Slices nearby, go to benjerry.com/pintslices

About Ben & Jerry’s 
As an aspiring social justice company, Ben & Jerry’s believes in a greater calling than simply making a profit for selling its goods. The company produces a wide variety of super-premium ice cream, yogurt and sorbet using high-quality ingredients. Ben & Jerry’s incorporates its vision of Linked Prosperity into its business practices in a number of ways including a focus on values-led sourcing. In 2015 the company completed its transition to using entirely non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients by source as well as to fully source Fairtrade-certified ingredients wherever possible, which benefits farmers in developing countries. Ben and Jerry’s products are distributed in 35 countries in supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, franchise Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops, restaurants and other venues. Ben & Jerry’s, a Vermont corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilever, operates its business on a three-part Mission Statement emphasizing product quality, economic reward and a commitment to the community. Ben & Jerry’s became a certified B Corp (Benefit Corporation) in 2012. The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation’s employee-led grant programs totaled $2.7MM in 2018 to support grassroots organizing for social and environmental justice around the country.

Ben & Jerry's is introducing two new, euphoric flavors in Pint Slices: AmazeMint and Candy Bar Pie.


No spoon? No problem. Ben & Jerry's Pint Slices are now available in AmazeMint.


Candy Bar Pie was a Limited Batch flavor that went to Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard. Now it's rein-cone-ated as a Pint Slice.


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