WINOOSKI, Vt., Nov. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Physician’s Computer Company (PCC), the leading pediatric-focused vendor for independent pediatricians nationwide, has announced their membership in and early implementation of Carequality. Carequality is a public-private, multi-stakeholder collaborative that provides a framework for the seamless exchange of data between healthcare entities.

In healthcare, the need for systems for be interoperable grows every day. PCC’s membership in Carequality assures pediatricians that the EHR vendor is working at the cutting edge of data exchange technology.

As more and more systems need to ‘talk’ to each other, the ability to exchange data quickly and easily is essential. Pediatric practices will no longer need to rely on mail, faxes or phone calls when it comes to exchanging patient information. The Carequality framework allows for a secure, encrypted method of data exchange between members.

The importance of PCC’s membership in Carequality goes beyond mere data exchange. It’s a way to support independent pediatricians in their goal to remain independent. According to Jen Marsala, Business Analyst at PCC,

«PCC’s implementation of Carequality will help keep our clients independent. Many independent pediatricians are under pressure from their local hospitals to adopt the same software system that the hospital uses. PCC’s membership in Carequality relieves them of that pressure because now they’ll be able to share documents with a third party even though they are on a different software system. Hospitals will no longer be able to say to our independent pediatricians, ‘You need to join us and give up your independence because we can’t share information.’ Carequality changes that whole dynamic.»

The list of Carequality implementers nationwide is growing. Many major hospitals and health systems are members, and data exchange between entities will only get easier as membership grows. Not all EHR vendors have joined Carequality, and PCC’s decision to become an early implementer was made to support independent pediatricians nationwide as they strive to offer the highest level of care to children. The ability to easily share data within the Carequality framework allows for the type of coordinated and comprehensive care that best supports patients.

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PCC (Physician’s Computer Company) is a privately held, independent software solutions firm with over 30 years of industry experience working exclusively to meet the needs of independent pediatricians. Since 1983, we have built tools, provided consulting, and offered support to pediatric practices who seek to improve the health of their patients and improve their bottom lines. PCC knows the value of having control over our own future, and our commitment to helping pediatricians stay independent is the driving force behind everything we do. Consistently ranked at the top of KLAS for specialty vendors, our people and products are dedicated to removing the obstacles that prevent pediatricians from practicing medicine.

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