BURLINGTON, Vt., April 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Marathon Health, LLC, a provider of onsite health centers that enable employer organizations to optimize the health of their workforce and business, today announced the opening of its fourth, fifth and sixth near-site health centers serving Colorado Employer Benefit Trust (CEBT) members and dependents. Two new locations opened this month in Loveland and Greeley, following last month’s new health center opening in Gypsum. The health centers provide preventative screenings and assessments, health coaching, primary care services, and chronic condition management.

CEBT is a multiple employer trust providing employee benefits for public institutions and is administered by Willis Towers Watson. CEBT’s health center initiative is part of an overall effort to create a culture of health and wellness for CEBT members while at the same time controlling rising healthcare costs. The CEBT Health & Wellness Centers and Marathon Health now serve 85 different employer groups through the six health centers, covering approximately 15,000 lives total.

«CEBT is excited for this opportunity to expand health services to more employer groups across the state,» said Bobby Otte, executive vice president with Willis Towers Watson. «We’ve seen real progress reducing members’ health risks and lowering healthcare costs at the health centers in Rifle, Glenwood Springs and Colorado Springs. Marathon Health’s clinicians energize our members about their health, and we look forward to offering this great benefit to more members across the state.»

Marathon Health’s ability to change the health profile of a population is based on its collaborative care model. This model moves away from ‘sick care’ toward a solution focused on the whole person, not just their symptoms. Through this approach and by integrating with other community providers, the clinicians help members achieve their goals of leading healthier and longer lives.

«CEBT is a tremendous partner because they share our vision and passion for influencing health changes on an organizational and individual level,» said Marathon Health CEO Jerry Ford. «Our model is not focused on treating symptoms alone, but on helping people live better, more productive lives. Our clinical team is excited to begin helping more CEBT members across the state achieve their best possible health.»

About Marathon Health:
Marathon Health offers a proven solution for helping employers reduce the total cost of health care. The Marathon Health approach integrates the best practices of on-site primary care, health assessment with risk identification, coaching and advocacy, and disease management for high-cost chronic conditions. Marathon Health supports its unique model with an eHealth Portal delivering medical content, interactive diet and fitness tools, a personal health record, and an electronic medical record to manage care. For more information, visit www.marathon-health.com.

About The Colorado Employer Benefit Trust:
The Colorado Employer Benefit Trust (CEBT) is a multiple employer trust for public institutions providing employee benefits. Since 1980 CEBT has grown to approximately 33,000 members and over 300 participating groups. The Trust is governed by a board of trustees made up of representatives from participating groups. For more information, visit www.cebt.org.


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SOURCE Marathon Health, LLC