Mach7 Technologies partners with Bialogics to deliver analytics and operational insights within its Enterprise Imaging Solution

Bialogics strengthens the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Solution by enabling healthcare providers to leverage their imaging data with a robust analytics toolset. 

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt., March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Mach7 Technologies, a company specializing in innovative medical imaging and data management solutions for healthcare providers, today announced its partnership with Bialogics Analytics Inc. Bialogics is a company that provides interoperable and innovative data analytics solutions to healthcare providers and industry vendors.

The partnership gives Mach7 customers access to world-class analytics that provide key insights across the healthcare enterprise. This will help users measure and improve patient outcomes, gain insight into operational costs for diagnostic imaging, drive greater efficiencies, manage patient follow-up exams, and support clinical research.

"This is a synergistic alignment addressing the industry's need for increased understanding of how advanced data analysis can improve workflow, productivity, and greater efficiencies," stated Jeff Vachon, President of Bialogics. "Providing customers with access to unprecedented levels of intelligence holds the potential to drive evidence-based improvements in imaging workflow efficiency and care quality, helping to support clinical research initiatives that aid the advancement of disease tracking and management."

Mr. Vachon further stated the partnership between Mach7 and Bialogics would help customers support business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning initiatives by allowing them to leverage the imaging metadata and diagnostic reports stored within their vendor neutral archive (VNA).

Mike Lampron, CEO of Mach7, said, "Healthcare organizations across the country are striving for greater efficiency and cost containment while still providing patients with timely, accurate, and high-quality care. The first step to achieving this is gaining an understanding of where improvements can be made. Bialogics has an innovative and interoperable analytics toolset that will mesh seamlessly with Mach7's Enterprise Imaging Solution to provide that understanding."

Further, Mr. Lampron stated, "We have a number of customers who use Mach7 to consolidate and manage imaging data from multiple departments across their enterprise. Giving them access to analytics and the tools to derive insights from their data will prove invaluable to refining and streamlining their workflows and operational processes. For this reason, the addition of the Bialogics solution to Mach7's Enterprise Imaging Solution will provide truly differentiated value to our customers."

About Mach7 Technologies:
Mach7 Technologies (ASX:M7T), founded in 2007, is a medical imaging systems provider that develops innovative image management and viewing solutions for healthcare organizations. The core of these offerings is the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Solution, encompassing Enterprise Data Management, Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing and Departmental Workflow applications. Mach7's Enterprise Data Management solution, consisting of a powerful Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and data administration tools, allows for the fast storage, access, retrieval and viewing of images across a healthcare network with connectivity to the Cloud. In July 2020, Mach7 acquired Client Outlook and the eUnity Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing technology to augment Mach7's Enterprise Data Management and Departmental Workflow applications. eUnity is a zero-footprint, FDA-approved, image viewing solution that makes images accessible on any workstation. This offers healthcare professionals consolidated access to all patient images and data, ensuring clinical staff have timely access to the right information to diagnose and treat patients. Uniquely, the company also gives customers independence to deploy its solutions either on a component basis or in a unified comprehensive platform. With more than 150 customers across 15 different countries, Mach7 has built a global network of diverse customers that range from expansive Integrated Delivery Networks, National Health Systems, medical research facilities, and large academic medical institutions to regional community hospitals, private radiology practices, and independent provider groups. Visit

About Bialogics:
Bialogics provides fully interoperable and innovative data transformation solutions for healthcare provider organizations and industry vendors that enable informed business decisions, greater workflow efficiencies, and improved patient outcomes. Developed in collaboration with industry partners and healthcare clients Bialogics vendor agnostic platform for Medical Imaging, incorporates data sources across the imaging chain to enable a vendor agnostic analytics tool-set to measure and improve patient outcomes, diagnostic imaging operational costs and efficiencies, patient follow up exam management and clinical research. The pursuit of our vision has resulted in a unique platform designed to support Business Intelligence, Quality Assurance, AI, and Machine Learning applications. – simple, cost-effective, and powerful.

Bob Tranchida
VP of Marketing, Mach7 Technologies
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